Last commit made on 2020-07-05
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d99ff57... by Alex Valavanis on 2020-06-28

Fix license header

8d6fe8e... by Alex Valavanis on 2020-06-28

Split AuxToolbox into new files

b16badf... by Alex Valavanis on 2020-06-28

Display Aux toolbar (still crashes on exit)

659bbd9... by Alex Valavanis on 2020-06-26

Fix crash on start (no Aux toolbar yet + crashes on close)

d3fe030... by Alex Valavanis on 2020-06-25

First pass at Gtkmm toolboxes (Crashes on start)

f294020... by Thomas Holder <email address hidden> on 2020-07-05

Fix GTK_WIDGET cast in sp_canvas_rotate_paint

9375968... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-07-04

Restore use of preference for idle priority. Check idle connection before adding new connection.
Remove unused variables. All pointed out by Thomas.

b8089be... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-06-27

Remove reference to non-existant file.

ce71a04... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-06-27

Implement interactive setting of split mode.

c1f73c3... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-06-25

Add rendering support for slit and x-ray modes.