Last commit made on 2019-12-06
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24c4b7e... by Tavmjong Bah on 2019-12-06

Disable test (until CI updated to newer Pango).

eaf8808... by Tavmjong Bah on 2019-12-04

Really make license checker happy.

9938833... by Tavmjong Bah on 2019-12-04

Rename LICENSE to LICENSES so license checker will ignore it.

3d5a75b... by Tavmjong Bah on 2019-12-04

Don't check font files for license.

e38eea4... by Tavmjong Bah on 2019-12-03

Add test for text shaping. Includes required fonts.

eb9cd02... by Marc Jeanmougin <email address hidden> on 2019-12-06

Prevent phantom guide creation


89de064... by Artur Wroblewski on 2019-12-05

Translated pl.po for Polish, 96% complete. Tested on Inkscape 1.0 beta1

4c82e78... by Patrick Storz on 2019-12-05

CI/AppVeyor: Use same ccache across branches and increase size

Separate caches didn't really reduce the number of misses and we're
not fitting into the 1 GB limit for free accounts anymore with three
active branches (3 x 200 MB for x86/x64 each)

b094c85... by Patrick Storz on 2019-12-04

Avoid crash when adding buttons for verbs without image

8226e09... by Marc Jeanmougin <email address hidden> on 2019-12-04

Fix crash when a <use> is used as region