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248f5ce... by Mike Kowalski on 2021-06-18

Gradient Editor for Fill and Stroke Dialog

Gradient editor fills the void left by removal of legacy gradient dialog. Instead of simple dialog we now have a gradient editor inside Fill and Stroke dialog. Legacy dialog with its list of gradients lives on as a popup in a new editor.

Gradient editor presents current gradient along with stop handles. Handles can be selected and adjusted. Their positions and colors can be set. They typically remain in sync with on-canvas gradient tool handles.

2bad7a8... by phytolithDui <email address hidden> on 2021-06-12

Fixes the Precision setting issue for Measure tool #2420 .

f4a1830... by phytolithDui <email address hidden> on 2021-06-12

Remove select_font_face line which may reintroduce the bug #1554.

db2ad0e... by phytolithDui <email address hidden> on 2021-06-12

Fixes Measure font-size setting issue(#2420)

04cc6e5... by René de Hesselle on 2021-06-13

Fix Python framework cache directory not set

The previous update broke the hardcoded usage of

Update a few more libraries as we are no longer bound to El Capitan.

Fix localization in gtk-mac-integration.

0853165... by Patrick Storz on 2021-06-06

Extensions: Change "float" parameter to use a double internally

The conversion from/to string using g_ascii_strtod / g_ascii_dtostr
only works properly for doubles; for floats we produce and output
with "arbitrary" numeric errors.

face645... by Patrick Storz on 2021-06-06

Consistently use context for translation of LPE names

Avoids name clashes like 7637b644a239802e6376e1efdb5ccb8fc56fd1d3
and makes sure translators know what they're translating.

Also some cleanup (untranslated name was just a duplicate).

2933c47... by Martin Owens on 2021-06-11

Fix spelling of theming in preferences

fe09486... by René de Hesselle on 2021-06-08

Update macOS build pipeline

This commit concentrates on build system improvements. Most of our
dependencies are being updated, laying the groundwork for more
functional improvements in the next update.

Most notably we are raising the minimum OS requirement to High
Sierra 10.13, a step which we put some effort into to successfully
avert it for Inkscape 1.1. But sadly, updating libraries causes
new issues on 10.11, making it too burdensome to support.

Backward compatibility of the Python runtime and packages have
been improved by reworking the external projects that provide
them. We also build and use wheels for Python packages now, the
last missing piece to not require downloads during CI.

0891058... by Tavmjong Bah on 2021-06-08

Change action type from radio_string to string.
A radio_string will present itself as a radio button in a menu, not what we want.