Last commit made on 2019-07-22
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2343b8e... by Jabier Arraiza <email address hidden>

add hamburger line height menu

cce9d56... by Jabier Arraiza <email address hidden>

moving hamburger to only line height part

208052b... by Jabier Arraiza <email address hidden>

addpopover to textmenu

246379f... by René de Hesselle

Update jhbuild

This is a massive internal update due to changes in JHBuild.

Update Python to 3.7.4.

9dfa379... by Patrick Storz

Make menu icon preference apply to Layers and Objects dialogs

Also fix "show-icons" attribute inheritance in menus.xml and make
it apply to canvas icons.

0d3eeb3... by Patrick Storz

Simplify code for context menu items of Layers and Objects dialogs

a6e593e... by Patrick Storz

Fix icon positions in context menus of Layers and Objects dialogs


013ca77... by Patrick Storz

Preferences: save shortcut file location relative to INKSCAPE_DATADIR

This ensures the stored preference stays valid even if the install
location of Inkscape changes or the user switches between parallel
installations on the same machine.

67b67ab... by Jabiertxof <email address hidden>

Fix coding style

ed167a9... by Jabiertxof <email address hidden>

Pressure improvements