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5cf461e... by Martin Owens on 2020-04-17

Add g_warnigns to understand CRs issues

081125a... by Martin Owens on 2020-04-16

Save gesture state and turn off zoom tool during gesture.

52f8f86... by Gyuris Gellért <email address hidden> on 2020-04-12

fix link to the man

227e005... by Marc Jeanmougin <email address hidden> on 2020-04-16

Apply modifications to the duplicate when duplicating a guide

b3cacec... by Martin Owens on 2020-03-26

Ammend open source to include Free Software.

9173caa... by Martin Owens on 2020-03-26

Apply René's suggested copy for Inkscape README description.

006850b... by Martin Owens on 2020-02-21

Remove mention of other vector image editors in various places

ec456fc... by Jabiertxof <email address hidden> on 2020-04-14

SVG DPI not correctly showed in object properties dialog
I just shoe hide/show widgets when necesary and update the value properly

8fa5c1b... by Marc Jeanmougin <email address hidden> on 2020-04-15

Fixes zoom gesture on gnome3/xorg

Some other widget was picking up the first touch of the zoom gesture
This fix forces the SPCanvas to directly grag a zoom gesture.

Need to watch for regression in case other events we would need to see in Inkscape need to grab a multitouch event in the canvas.

bc69992... by René de Hesselle on 2020-04-14

Update gtk-osx to inkscape-1.0.x-2 for macOS

This updates a few libraries, most notably GTK to 3.24.18.

Add Google Test framework.

Use trap to catch errors where needed.