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d8f52c7... by Jabiertxof <email address hidden> on 2020-02-15

Fix Text tool scroll leaves some background items unrendered inbox#1397

c072c44... by Thomas Holder <email address hidden> on 2020-02-14

fix #682 unselect XML Editor on delete

(cherry picked from commit e01b28d542a38fd5a55f31b59bb940142dff65cd)

998e94e... by Marc Jeanmougin <email address hidden> on 2020-02-10

Fixes selection broken after boolop when xml editor open

(cherry picked from commit db1e14e70d620a410ae15d26ec58f0f80aeff560)

107b16e... by Patrick Storz on 2020-02-09

Apply suggestion to share/ui/toolbar-tool.ui

9e5fc84... by Patrick Storz on 2020-01-26

Re-orders tools and groups them logically

Implements results from the UX discussion in

Improves experience with multicolor icon theme

(cherry picked from commit 7243182dccdb2197381673e35d80463f3117765b)

1fea36c... by FirasH on 2020-02-10

Update it.po

f6ab27c... by Martin Owens on 2020-02-06

Limit another fill-style modified signal to just style modifications

fd7d087... by Martin Owens on 2020-02-04

Fix #771 only update markers on style changes

2d1c0b3... by Martin Owens on 2020-02-05

Better Fix for #728, update on style changes only for style related pathways

cea1d05... by Martin Owens on 2020-02-04

Remove the selection modified signal, it doesn't make sense here.