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daaeac0... by Martin Owens on 2020-02-02

Shape bbox translation speedup

(cherry picked from commit e997ca1f1f266167017d4580af9e3c18f9ab53e1)

aabe992... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-02-28

Fix crash when closing window via 'X' in window bar.

(cherry picked from commit e8025c9322c3e4c59894c310539507c9dd35628c)

21648bd... by Patrick Storz on 2020-02-24

CLI: remove --extension-directory parameter

Superseded by --system-data-directory (and --user-data-directory),
see 8e914f5a609af517880b4772bb34816de3b322dd

(cherry picked from commit 7d7461ca8bd675f31a7848f130768175c7caebac)

a7be347... by Aadhish Sriram S on 2020-02-20

User and System data directory command line option implementation

Implemented user and system data directory command line options to print user and system data directories

(cherry picked from commit 8e914f5a609af517880b4772bb34816de3b322dd)

73ea8b5... by Patrick Storz on 2020-02-22

Fix issue in SPDocument::createNewDoc and avoid a memory leak

- document_base was not set properly with Windows-style paths
- memory leak occured when 'make_new' is true

(cherry picked from commit 47eb9ac1d56f5566e729c24a0b2e352ebafb7bf0)

6924b76... by Patrick Storz on 2020-02-22

Fix crash with Windows-style paths in SPDocument::createChildDoc

(cherry picked from commit cdf2fdc7a093b08a82d95e5dd8a36c31f6ea982c)

368ca91... by Patrick Storz on 2020-02-25

Make application IDs follow recommended naming scheme

See among others

Also related:

(cherry picked from commit d1ace8a9badbb0993c6bd69ff5b01fb7a04f3f65)

c0930ba... by Thomas Holder <email address hidden> on 2020-02-24

fix inbox#1861 XML editor: move text cursor with mouse

(cherry picked from commit cf8c79727a68407a74db7d1334d990245f5fa5aa)

667d78f... by Martin Owens on 2020-02-14

Resolve merge conflict with cherry-pick c6565d09

c0c1e02... by Patrick Storz on 2020-02-25

CMake/MSYS2: install gdbus.exe to avoid command line warnings


(cherry picked from commit 6d973a2e8dec83f3523606b4e634313876d33919)