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48b68b8... by Mc on 2020-04-29

Ignore flowPara without children to be consistent with rendering in previous Inkscape versions

Fixes part of

(cherry picked from commit e0dd6e42d9cb14326f2fb04512ed16b1512f0c72)

0bf991b... by Maren Hachmann <email address hidden> on 2020-04-29

Update year in About Screen, fixes

0010c30... by Mc on 2020-04-28

Relicensing of animated-clock.svg by Tavmjong

582dcd6... by Milo Ivir on 2020-04-28

Update hr.po for Inkscape 1.0.x

25e0a87... by Tomáš Marný on 2020-04-28

Update cs.po

8564437... by Ted Gould on 2020-04-28

Add license identifiers to the scripts.

6542bab... by Ted Gould on 2020-04-28

Add a configure hook to generate a fontcache using our version of fontconfig and then use that when running Inkscape

d48b33a... by Ted Gould on 2020-04-28

Switch version of snap to grab from the CPP generated string to match about screen exactly

465d1cc... by Ted Gould on 2020-04-16

Switch pip packages to Python 3

e8361d9... by Thomas Holder <email address hidden> on 2020-04-25

Fix crash on "Flow text into frame" grouping

- clear shape references in `SPIShapes` destructor
- replace shape node listener with `connectModified()` connection,
  managed by `SPShapeReference` (gives real-time updates)
- when the shape is modified, call `requestDisplayUpdate()` instead
  of `updateRepr()` for the text object (fixed undo/redo bugs)

Regression of 762bb761e20a


(cherry-picked from c004aae3a8db6fa2)