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5610dff... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-04-20

Convert plain text to multi-line text on "Enter".

(cherry picked from commit d42f29923cd4343bb1965178aebdcc000346555e)

78bfcc2... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-04-17

Enable justified text option in toolbar for SVG2 text in shape.

(cherry picked from commit 10325e91998a8323a32acd527009cd89e0da7176)

75ab2fa... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-04-18

Fix crash when default.svg contains an old version string.
Fix for

(cherry picked from commit 9d6e2cb028b90e6d36b6c35257dc5f7d9f01b5af)

24e74a3... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-04-18

Fix cursor positioning in SVG 2 text with new lines.

(cherry picked from commit 28513875c5381b300e7e94c59560c921b48c1f61)

72229c1... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-04-18

Block creating knot when text is on path.

(cherry picked from commit fc9897ebabcbd9dda20a23373e03bee736695ba6)

e245809... by Tavmjong Bah on 2020-04-02

Fix editing of SVG 2 text in a shape after saving with SVG 1.1 fallback.

(cherry picked from commit 7fb2a312bbf82285c3edc4424311003b1472c348)

c991b8d... by Cristian Secară on 2020-04-22

Update Romanian UI translation

0048fc0... by Milo Ivir on 2020-04-20

Update Croatian.nsh with some corrections

295a239... by Nathan Lee <email address hidden> on 2020-04-21

Update lower limit to zoom correction factor

Display correct value in Preferences on open

(cherry picked from commit 912a3e0893c43f99ea538629aef1dcc19a6ef419)

b8738d5... by Jabiertxof <email address hidden> on 2020-04-18

Fix issue 1312 Symbolic icons not updated for undocked Align and Distribute dialog (even after restart)
About icons when dialogs are undocked.
To do this not only change stiles on realice but in each theme change

(cherry picked from commit 4386a614e87068f7846809180a6ef70887a76ffe)