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61c88dc... by Jabier Arraiza <email address hidden> on 2019-12-20

Constrain variable cache limit to zoom or panning

(cherry picked from commit 59dabc7d8dc0f93761412075dd00bec96b0c55e5)

99dfa24... by FirasH on 2019-12-19

Move Layers... menu entry to the top of Layer submenu

(cherry picked from commit d3cbf63a92870346dc675d16f110c0b0cfedfba0)

847b694... by Patrick Storz on 2019-12-17

Be more forgiving when looking up recent files

g_get_prgname() is less constant then we'd want it to be, so make
sure we still catch all names we used historically.

Partial fix for side-effects caused by aedb440ff1bc784427f04093fd609aac526f343b

See for details

(cherry picked from commit 31dae0dc04d6bef0fc93706711ea918ce5187c7c)

95d12e1... by Patrick Storz on 2019-12-05

AuxToolbox: Strip GtkSizeGroup altogether

(didn't work anyway)

(cherry picked from commit a6c6f003601079cf2470fad77b6bd71ccf2e0252)

3419912... by Patrick Storz on 2019-12-05

Revert "Use GtkStack for toolbar, fixes"

This reverts commit d5eb03caf507f93781e2b9eb555ff0a6d4f8e462.

(cherry picked from commit 452b86b9858b27e45653bbd57e85d6dfdcba1544)

7383b1c... by Patrick Storz on 2019-12-08

Fix shortcuts for "Path Effects" dialog and "Paste Path Effect"


(cherry picked from commit 0b21367a52f967e15311900725a552c96396d1e7)

39d80d8... by Sveinn í Felli on 2019-12-17

Update is.po

(cherry picked from commit 7727dd990b9ffba0e2bfdca50265ffc9c10901f4)

e6e4eff... by Martin Owens on 2019-12-16

Update with about screen winner for 1.0

ea6f13d... by Jabier Arraiza <email address hidden> on 2019-12-07

Fix most space bar panning bugs

(cherry picked from commit 10c5597b6ae0da1eb71ae2da8e0b63d920599bfe)

5638f49... by Thomas Holder <email address hidden> on 2019-12-15

Don't register SP_ATTR_INVALID style properties

- remove unused/nonstandard "filter-blend-mode"
- don't register query-only/nonstandard property "filter-gaussianBlur-deviation"

Fixes inkscape#591