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3d1be13... by Anshudhar <email address hidden> on 2021-03-26

Fix Blur remove on blend change

(cherry picked from commit 17bc918465838f8438cb5df602040f2945bfb276)

77e7b44... by Marc Jeanmougin <email address hidden> on 2021-03-28


With correct artwork

d616586... by 驿窗 <> on 2021-03-23

Replace zh_CN.po
Change the translation of "open" from "开口" to "打开".

e06d1d1... by Patrick Storz on 2021-03-25

CI/MSYS2: Disable old hack that updates pacman separately

Fails currently as it does not update the dependency pacman-mirrors
along with pacman.

(cherry picked from commit c8246c1688d571af4ec22b39b4723eab20685807)

32e21f2... by Martin Owens on 2021-03-24

Use the raleway font and correct the translation comment

4aecc6e... by Martin Owens on 2021-03-24

Add welcome screens from design team, and new text

fadeb2a... by Martin Owens on 2021-03-23

Resync translations

6672dea... by Martin Owens on 2021-03-23

Resync extensions repository for beta

26f3725... by Martin Owens <email address hidden> on 2021-03-22

Implement changes in the design review

fdf8023... by Patrick Storz on 2021-03-18

Do not rasterize clipPaths with filters during PDF export

clipPaths should ignore filters and this even caused crashes after


(cherry picked from commit e2d5e006f80e7354d760999b0e136578ee0c8d8b)