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0ad1ac9... by Patrick Storz on 2020-07-26

CI/MSYS2: add workaround for updated keyring

(cherry picked from commit 8d852a6ed018eb861042537c32c8a4028b2af6be)

158d20a... by Patrick Storz on 2020-05-19

CI/AppVeyor: work around pacman update issue


(cherry picked from commit c2ae4b49346dfcb38dcb5cad9bbe5aaf7b37d5da)

3f0c6aa... by Nathan Lee <email address hidden> on 2020-07-26

Update links to to new structure


6c0c36e... by Thomas Holder <email address hidden> on 2020-05-15

Don't open preferences dialog on startup

The preferences dialog's status is never saved, so it should also not be
restored from preferences. This is for better compatibility with
preferences saved from Inkscape 1.0.


b523f9c... by Hubert Figuiere on 2020-04-13

appdata: fix to validate on flathub

7189254... by Akinori MUSHA on 2019-08-22

Fix get_env_current() in shell scripts for macOS

Parsing the output of env(1) does not reliably work when there are
variables with multiline values. Instead, you can use awk(1) to
generate the list of environment variables.

cdc2cac... by Nathan Lee <email address hidden> on 2019-04-03

Change Alpha slider max from 255 to 100

Also stops normalising alpha values 0..1 to 0..100.
No longer necessary (useful when max value was 255).


(cherry picked from d16a4890d0492626c04bdcefb9a5ce6ed5562755)

12a7b48... by Roman Hargrave on 2017-08-02

Change HSL scaling for color chooser

(cherry picked from bdea0d0b80603a8c80cbdae4d65491bb7c829760)

0d6e5ee... by Sveinn í Felli on 2020-05-04

Update is.po
some new strings and corrections

fe8e1c6... by Milo Ivir on 2020-04-20

Update Croatian.nsh with some corrections

(cherry picked from commit 0048fc09ee717744d2e597a91cb73f2643038d45)