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6b3d9c2... by Martin Owens

Move from selectable attribute to more flexible visibility tags

f311e2b... by Martin Owens

Move template extensions to new format (see sibling MR in main)

65f1ae3... by biojet1 <email address hidden>

fix incorrect css syntax in comment in css.svg

10e6019... by Jonathan Neuhauser <email address hidden>

Fix deprecation warnings for invalid escape characters

73402f1... by Giambattista Caltabiano <email address hidden>

I have rewritten the help message because it is inaccurate.
The extension works on objects of any layer (bringing them together...)
Objects within a group are not changed; but if part of the group is selected, it is taken out of the group...

ecf483a... by Giambattista Caltabiano <email address hidden>

Removed "(yields good results if both subpaths have equal length)" from the end of the tooltip of "Interpolation method:"

This is because when the extra nodes are removed (2nd option) the length of the path actually used, could be considerably shorter than the length of the original.
Possibly the comment could apply to the 1st option, but depending on the shape of the paths (if there are corners) and where the subdivision happens, the shape could get more distorted with the 1st option anyway.

9629f1a... by Giambattista Caltabiano <email address hidden>

Re-written the help message to make it more clear.
Also, because the old message mentions options about the fill, but there are no options in the extension to change the fill of the shapes that are created.

7eca028... by Yuri Chornoivan <email address hidden>

Fix minor typos

aed4ab5... by Jonathan Neuhauser <email address hidden>

fix gcodetools#10

e1db89c... by Maren Hachmann <email address hidden>

Small error message improvement.