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abeaf81... by Martin Owens

Soften language and adjust paragraph locations

705ebaf... by Martin Owens

Fix spelling

7b553bb... by Martin Owens

Add jpeg warning example image

171596d... by Martin Owens

Fix tests for inx

d23f762... by Martin Owens

Update jpeg warning based on feedback

67c895e... by Martin Owens

Add jpeg text and webp output

29d5038... by Martin Owens

Remove testing error

f6192d8... by Martin Owens

Add jpeg raster extension using new raster output option

0a832b6... by Martin Owens

Add pdflatex hack to cope with broken inkscape output

869d926... by Martin Owens <email address hidden>

Merge branch 'lorem-ipsum-inline-size' into 'master'

use inline-size for lorem ipsum with no selection

Closes #122

See merge request inkscape/extensions!249