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e046efa... by Windell Oskay

Update render_barcode_qrcode__--text__qù__çk_brõwñ_fø____--typenumber__2__--encoding__utf8.out

Update test ref

cd054ca... by Windell Oskay

Test non-ascii characters in UTF8 test

53ba107... by Martin Owens

Merge branch 'perspective-envelope' into 'master'

patch for perspective and envelope

See merge request inkscape/extensions!205

1d27a0e... by Jens Kober <email address hidden>

fixed perspective to take transformation into acocunt #226, fixed perspective and envelope to work again on groups #218 and #155, fixed order of transformations in composed_transform (similar to merge 176)

4af033b... by Martin Owens

Add star creation function

d45bb4e... by Martin Owens

Add getElementByName function for getting things by inkscape label

a346c80... by Martin Owens

Clean up ns and py2 class setups no longer needed

6b956b3... by Martin Owens

Remove use of addNS in extension code

2abd28b... by Martin Owens

Merge branch 'hershey_pylint'

1755795... by Martin Owens

Merge branch 'dev/fix-path-transform' into 'master'

Fix path transform with relative command after "z"

See merge request inkscape/extensions!201