Last commit made on 2020-03-31
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e23bbe7... by Martin Owens

Refactor collision error message for clarity.

d2d2d5f... by Martin Owens

Tighten the comparison in inkex module conflict testing

661959e... by Martin Owens

Fix doc string

525dbbe... by Martin Owens

Test different namespaces for namespace conflicts when importing submodules

8994734... by Martin Owens

Rename elements modules back to originals except for _base which is now primitives

7977475... by Martin Owens

Merge branch 'import-from-head-module' into 'master'

Imports from head module

See merge request inkscape/extensions!181

f516927... by Sergei Izmailov

New shortened imports are applied to stock extensions

a46474f... by Martin Owens

Fix issue with empty colors in color_negative

14d3f91... by Martin Owens

Add test fix for plotter forggoten in haste from the previous commit.

c8b08af... by Martin Owens

Manual merge of Fix #191 Fix #192 in plotter