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d2ad8a0... by Sergei Izmailov

Keep inkex.Transform() kwargs order

438fef4... by Sergei Izmailov

Test inkex.Transform() kwargs order is preserved

Test *may* fail with python<=3.5, since kwargs ordering
is not guaranteed

0195c10... by Martin Owens

small refactor to transform kwarg parsing to give it room

dbdb0fb... by Martin Owens

Refactor polyhedron_3d with testing and massive code cleanup.

2f58bd3... by Martin Owens

Cleanups for params and etrees

194a64b... by Martin Owens

Move anchoring into a standard bounding box calculation and add testing

4201cda... by Martin Owens

Refactor dots to path_number_nodes to fix inbox:1047

004a3aa... by Martin Owens

Fix #156 with random ids and proper backlink updating.

74af6d9... by Martin Owens

Add feature to update backlinks (href and url) when setting element ids.

2d5e568... by Martin Owens

Clean inx options that didn't match their python script