Last commit made on 2019-10-19
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7b87d96... by Moini <email address hidden>

Fix inx file, adjust option parsing and broken option names in export_objects extension.

c643056... by Moini <email address hidden>

Add su_v's 'export objects' extension.

929da9a... by Martin Owens

Improve readme with a basic guideline to development

edf8c19... by Patrick Storz

Implement internal translation function for inkex module translations

This ignores "translationdomain" and will always use strings
from the primary message catalog.

00196f4... by Patrick Storz

Remove (now unnecessary) import of _

de8e034... by Patrick Storz

Fix translation and implement "translationdomain" functionality.

Translation via _() is automatically installed during initialization
for all classes derived from InkscapeExtension.


be196eb... by Martin Owens

Refactor some of the pathmodify code

252da2e... by Martin Owens

Fix issues with use href error

bee402c... by Martin Owens

Unpack path 'd' attributes in xmldiff

7208dc0... by Martin Owens

Small fixes to unlink clone