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c802cd7... by Windell Oskay

Merge branch 'dpi_ai' of into dpi_ai

8ad3e00... by Windell Oskay

Correct scaling of grids

8af9d58... by Windell Oskay

Do not change size of document in physical units

Original test cases ony looked at documents with px/% or no units given in svg width. If the SVG document size is given in physical units, only the viewbox pixel size should change, not the physical page size.

Simplify structure, removing a "wrapper" function and folding in the contents of set_scaling, which does not need to be a separate method. Remove some unused items.

No changes to tests -- still passing -- but we do still need to add tests for documents with physical unit sizes.

73f2ed9... by Windell Oskay

Remove legacy parse_length method

Move scale_attr_val from a method to function
Add new svg test input, rects-percentage.svg and output refs

2b1e159... by Windell Oskay

Add additional test input

d5c9910... by Windell Oskay

Re-implement as child class of dpiswitcher.DPISwitcher

e09a3f3... by Windell Oskay

Remove switch_svg_dpi method

6c5e342... by Windell Oskay

Simplify with switch_svg_dpi method

27c0776... by Windell Oskay

Add "switch_svg_dpi" method

Add an alternative execution entry point that performs the same actions as effect(), but accepts parameter arguments

9437052... by Windell Oskay

Remove deprecated InkscapeExtensionTestMixin

Also update class name