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ae0565a... by Martin Owens <email address hidden>

Merge branch '1.1.2-backports-2' into '1.1.x'

More backports of self-contained and unit-tested fixes for 1.1.2

See merge request inkscape/extensions!412

87d1e10... by Thomas Holder <email address hidden>

jessyink_key_bindings: Rename duplicate page name

Fixes the following warning:

  Duplicate page name ('drawing') for parameter 'tab' in extension


394ce2c... by Khushi Jain <email address hidden>

fix for keybindings window too tall

dbccb2b... by =?utf-8?q?Certyfikowany_Przewracacz_Hulajn=C3=B3g_Elektrycznych?= <email address hidden>

Update line 87, without it really weird stuff happens with text/formulas made by pdflatex, sometimes one has to press "Apply" um-teen number of times in order to get the correct output. I suspect there is something wrong with the way tmp files are handled. On the other hand, line 46 should close the stream correctly. If you fail to reproduce this behavior, ignore this change. Thanks to Mc and doctormo from inkscape chat for insights.

44174ac... by Jonathan Neuhauser <email address hidden>

fix error on TextPath elements

339c351... by Antonio Roberts

increased cell size in generate_voroni.inx

04e1740... by Jonathan Neuhauser <email address hidden>

fix wrong transform order, change tangential offset to percentage of dx

8274723... by Jonathan Neuhauser <email address hidden>

fix pathscatter

4e6daf5... by Jonathan Neuhauser <email address hidden>

fix #276

e004aaf... by Jonathan Neuhauser <email address hidden>

improve help message in