Merge ~ilasc/launchpad:bug-1651826 into launchpad:master

Proposed by Ioana Lasc on 2019-10-09
Status: Merged
Approved by: Colin Watson on 2019-10-10
Approved revision: be011c1e9ece44c859e2fde4b8a329f2b538657b
Merge reported by: Otto Co-Pilot
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: ~ilasc/launchpad:bug-1651826
Merge into: launchpad:master
Diff against target: 37 lines (+10/-4)
2 files modified
lib/lp/code/stories/codeimport/xx-create-codeimport.txt (+4/-0)
lib/lp/code/templates/ (+6/-4)
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Colin Watson 2019-10-09 Approve on 2019-10-09
Review via email:

Commit message

LP: #1651826 Mentioned on the Git Import Page that it won't be possible to push to push directly to the imported repository.

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

Thanks! And happy first merge proposal day.

While the commit message in this merge proposal has the correct bug number, the git commit message in the branch has an incorrect one. Could you fix that with "git commit --amend" and "git push --force-with-lease", before working on any of the other comments I make here? (We may still need to fix the "Related bugs" part manually.)

review: Needs Fixing
~ilasc/launchpad:bug-1651826 updated on 2019-10-09
c4b3cce... by Ioana Lasc on 2019-10-09

Mentioned at the top of the New Import Page that it won't be possible to push to push directly to the imported repository.

LP: #1651826

Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

Looks fairly good now; just a couple more tweaks and we can merge.

Note that you don't need to mention the bug number in every commit; one will do, as long as it's part of the set of unmerged commits introduced by the merge proposal. It's also better for each commit in a series to say what it changed, rather than repeating a commit message that's very similar to the previous ones.

Also, is empty and should probably just be rebased out of your history. Let me know if you need help with the details of this.

review: Approve
Ioana Lasc (ilasc) :
~ilasc/launchpad:bug-1651826 updated on 2019-10-10
8ce70f8... by Ioana Lasc on 2019-10-10

Moved new sentence into its own paragraph at the top of the page.

be011c1... by Ioana Lasc on 2019-10-10

Removed spurious trailing space introduced earlier in

Ioana Lasc (ilasc) wrote :

This branch is now ready for a new review.

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1diff --git a/lib/lp/code/stories/codeimport/xx-create-codeimport.txt b/lib/lp/code/stories/codeimport/xx-create-codeimport.txt
2index 6825114..c8cb7a1 100644
3--- a/lib/lp/code/stories/codeimport/xx-create-codeimport.txt
4+++ b/lib/lp/code/stories/codeimport/xx-create-codeimport.txt
5@@ -16,6 +16,10 @@ the code home page "Import your project".
6 >>> print(browser.title)
7 Request a code import...
9+ >>> browser.contents
10+ '...You will not be able to push directly to the
11+ imported\n branch or repository...'
13 There is a cancel link on this page near the buttons to take the
14 user back to the main code page.
16diff --git a/lib/lp/code/templates/ b/lib/lp/code/templates/
17index 0464922..ef544dd 100644
18--- a/lib/lp/code/templates/
19+++ b/lib/lp/code/templates/
20@@ -19,12 +19,14 @@
21 <div metal:fill-slot="main">
23 <div metal:use-macro="context/@@launchpad_form/form">
24- <p metal:fill-slot="extra_info" tal:condition="not:view/errors">
25- For more details on importing source code into Launchpad,
26+ <div metal:fill-slot="extra_info" tal:condition="not:view/errors">
27+ <p>For more details on importing source code into Launchpad,
28 see the help wiki page
29 <a href="">
30- VcsImports</a>.
31- </p>
32+ VcsImports</a>.</p>
33+ <p>You will not be able to push directly to the imported
34+ branch or repository.</p>
35+ </div>
37 <metal:formbody fill-slot="widgets">


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