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Matt Haggard (iffy) wrote :


I know what you mean. I'm working on this to fix a problem we currently have with a big table (126 fields). 90% of the time, we need about 4 fields; 10% of the time we need some combination of the others.

My current patch allows you to define column laziness globally, which improves 90% of our code. What you're suggesting is that in addition to (instead of?) defining laziness globally, you can override laziness when using a store.find, store.get, Reference or ReferenceSet? This would allow one to avoid double queries for the other 10%.

What would the syntax look like?

store.find(Foo, eager=(, Foo.kind))
bar = Reference(bar_id, '', eager=('', 'Bar.kind'))

Or would you do some kind of state thing (this tastes bad)?

Bar.eagers.push('name', 'kind')

Maybe this is better:

store.eager_load(, Bar.kind)
store.lazy_load(, Bar.kind)

Also, is laziness overriding (your suggestion) something that should be built in from the beginning, or can it be added as a new feature after global laziness (my patch) is added? Maybe the answer depends on the implementation.



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