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Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote :

I'm glad you are working on this.

I have not done a full review at this point; I'd like to clarify
something though - it looks like you are making it so that all queries
will assume these columns are lazy. It is more efficient to grab the
column if needed in a single query rather than one-per-object. It
would be nice if users had the ability to control that.

For instance, say you have a changelog field in a table, which is a
big text field. Most pages in the website may not need it, but some
do. If its marked lazy, the pages that do need it will end up doing
(number of changelogs shown) separate queries to lazy-load the
changelog. If there is someway to say 'for this query, the changelog
field is needed', then that overhead can be eliminated.

And, if we have such a way to force laziness-into-eagerness, we
probably can do the reverse trivially - force eagerness into laziness
to prevent a bunch of fields being loaded on a query by query basis.

What do you think?


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