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Recent revisions

98789. By Ian Clatworthy on 2009-11-27

Update copyright to include 2010

98788. By Jan D. on 2009-11-25

(delete_tty): Remove check for last terminal (bug#4970).

98787. By Juri Linkov on 2009-11-25

Search recursively in gzipped files. (Bug#4982)

(grep-highlight-matches): Add new options
`always' and `auto'. Doc fix.
(grep-process-setup): Check `grep-highlight-matches' for
`auto-detect' to determine the need to compute grep defaults.
Move Windows/DOS specific --colors settings handling
to `grep-compute-defaults'. Check `grep-highlight-matches'
to get the value of "--color=".
(grep-compute-defaults): Compute `grep-highlight-matches' when it
has the value `auto-detect'. Move Windows/DOS specific settings
from `grep-process-setup'.
(zrgrep): New command with alias `rzgrep'.

98786. By Juri Linkov on 2009-11-25

(doc-view-mode): Set buffer-local `view-read-only' to nil
instead of switching off view-mode. (Bug#4896)

98785. By Juri Linkov on 2009-11-25

Mouse-wheel scrolling for DocView Continuous mode. (Bug#4896)

* mwheel.el (mwheel-scroll-up-function)
(mwheel-scroll-down-function): New defvars.
(mwheel-scroll): Funcall `mwheel-scroll-up-function' instead of
`scroll-up', and `mwheel-scroll-down-function' instead of

* doc-view.el (doc-view-scroll-up-or-next-page)
(doc-view-scroll-down-or-previous-page): Add optional ARG.
Use this ARG in the call to image-scroll-up/image-scroll-down.
Change `interactive' spec to "P". Goto next/previous page only
when `doc-view-continuous-mode' is non-nil or ARG is nil (for the
SPC/DEL case). Doc fix.
(doc-view-previous-line-or-previous-page): Rename arg to ARG
for consistency.
(doc-view-mode): Set buffer-local `mwheel-scroll-up-function' to
`doc-view-scroll-up-or-next-page', and buffer-local
`mwheel-scroll-down-function' to

98784. By Juri Linkov on 2009-11-25

Provide additional default values (directories at other Dired
windows) via M-n in the minibuffer of some Dired commands.

* dired-aux.el (dired-diff, dired-compare-directories)
(dired-do-create-files): Use `dired-dwim-target-defaults' to set
`minibuffer-default' in `minibuffer-with-setup-hook'.
(dired-dwim-target-directory): Find a window that displays Dired
buffer instead of failing when the next window is not Dired.
Use `get-window-with-predicate' to find for the next Dired window.
(dired-dwim-target-defaults): New function.

* ediff-util.el (ediff-read-file-name):
Use `dired-dwim-target-defaults' to set `minibuffer-default'
in `minibuffer-with-setup-hook'.

98783. By Juri Linkov on 2009-11-25

Provide additional default values (file name at point or at the
current Dired line) via M-n for file reading minibuffers. (Bug#5010)

* minibuffer.el (read-file-name-defaults): New function.
(read-file-name): Reset `minibuffer-default' to nil when
it duplicates initial input `insdef'.
Bind `minibuffer-default-add-function' to lambda that
calls `read-file-name-defaults' in `minibuffer-selected-window'.
(minibuffer-insert-file-name-at-point): New command.

* files.el (file-name-at-point-functions): New defcustom.
(find-file-default): Remove defvar.
(find-file-read-args): Don't use `find-file-default'.
Move `minibuffer-with-setup-hook' that sets `minibuffer-default'
to `read-file-name'.
(find-file-literally): Use `read-file-name' with

* ffap.el (ffap-guess-file-name-at-point): New autoloaded function.

* dired.el (dired-read-dir-and-switches):
Move `minibuffer-with-setup-hook' that sets `minibuffer-default'
to `read-file-name'.
(dired-file-name-at-point): New function.
(dired-mode): Add hook `dired-file-name-at-point' to

98782. By Stefan Monnier on 2009-11-25

Really make the *Completions* window soft-dedicated (bug#5030).
* window.el (window--display-buffer-2): Add `dedicated' argument.
(display-buffer): Pass it when needed so the dedicated flag is set
after calling set-window-buffer, which would otherwise reset it.

98781. By Jan D. on 2009-11-25

xsettings.c: Revert changes from 2009-11-23. Just use Xft defaults (bug #5025).

98780. By Stefan Monnier on 2009-11-25

* progmodes/meta-mode.el (meta-complete-symbol):
* progmodes/etags.el (complete-tag): Use completion-in-region.

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