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Ian Clatworthy (ian-clatworthy) wrote :

Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> Review: Approve
> It's interesting to me that _build_line_cache actually re-reads the lines from the file. I had expected that maybe we'd keep the lines around from the original read, but perhaps this is just as good. If we mmap'ed the dirstate then certainly re-reading from the mmap rather than keeping a copy would clearly make sense.

Thanks for the review!

I did carefully benchmark a few approaches here and, as discussed on
IRC, not doing anything unless we absolutely have to gives the best
result for status. For other operations (that don't leverage the ability
to track some changes yet), the best time to read is probably just
before we mutate the dirstate. FWIW, profiling showed file reading time
to be a small factor - it was rebuilding the keys in the right order
that mattered. Before mutation, we simply grab them straight out of the
dirstate. After then, we need to rebuild them from the file content.

> I believe the dirstate can record changes to tree state, not just cache stat info... so is there a risk with this patch that e.g. "bzr mv foo bar" will go unrecorded because it's under the _worth_saving_limit? I understand the value in not updating the cache for only a small number of changes, but AFAIK we always want to update the dirstate file when actual state is changed. I think the header_too=True flag is used to make sure this works, but that seems like a pretty indirect way of expressing the concept that this is a non-optional update.
With this patch, there's no risk here. When follow-on patches arrive for
operations other than status, I'll need to handle those sorts of cases.

> I wonder: if you unconditionally set _worth_saving_limit to something very high (e.g. 1000000) does the test suite still pass? My guess is that except perhaps for one or two hyper-sensitive tests it ought to, and it might make for an interesting sanity check.
I tried this during development. Some low level tests fail that "make
change then read disk content". Otherwise, it looked ok to me.

> + # We only enable smart saving is it hasn't already been disabled
> "is" -> "if"
> + if self._use_smart_saving is not False:
> + self._use_smart_saving = True
> So if _use_smart_saving is True, set it to True? Is that right? Perhaps you mean "is not None"?
As discussed on IRC, I'll make this "if xxx is None".

Once again, thanks for the review.

Ian C.

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