Code review comment for lp:~hrvojem/percona-server/rn-5.5.37-35.0-5.5

    - 33: "to provide additional information" is too vague description
      for scalability metrics plugin
    - 50: s/Scalability Metrics/The plugin
    - 74: I don't understand the "(status variables)" bit?
    - s/starting point/the starting point, but I don't particularly
      like it. I'd try removing it completely.
    - scalability_metrics_totaltime: of currently executing queries?
      of all completed queries? something else?
    - 112: define "server's total busy time"
    - slow query log docs not updated for 1287650 (look at 140, 141)
    - 149: Remove instead of each query having ... and the last
      sentence, write "... deterministically. With the current
      implementation each query has a non-deterministic probability of
      1/n to get logged."
    - 488: link atomic writes
    - 490: s/selection of query/selection of queries
    - "PS has implemented X" comment has not been addressed. "X has
      been implemented for PS" is more correct, but not necessarily
      nicer, I'd try to think of some other way to say.

review: Needs Fixing

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