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Proposed by Hrvoje Matijakovic
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Approved by: Laurynas Biveinis
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Laurynas Biveinis (community) Approve
Alexey Kopytov (community) Needs Fixing
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Laurynas Biveinis (laurynas-biveinis) wrote :

Is August 26th the right release date?
Line 34: "A race condition... ", "an uncompressed page image"
Line 35: "with an assertion"
Line 38: not "some of the...", in fact all of them. Data corruption issues on slaves.
bug 1201036: please be more specific when, i.e. if there are multiple datadir options in the config, see comment #11 of the bug.
bug 1203308: move to other fixes.
buš 1181269: the description makes it not clear whether what is described is a bug or a fix. Please reword, one option would be "used to acquire ... where it was not necessary".

review: Needs Fixing
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Alexey Kopytov (akopytov) wrote :

We should make clear that bugs #1086680 and #1103850 are specific to Percona Server and result from the buffer pool mutex split patch. You know, some people may get upset ;)

review: Needs Fixing
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Laurynas Biveinis (laurynas-biveinis) wrote :

"The buffer pool mutex split patch", twice. In both cases "could cause", and no comma preceding it.

Line 34: add ", that" before the "could lead".

Line 40: configuration files in plural. The most common way to get that bug is not by duplicating the directive in a single file, but by including some system-default configuration snippet that happens to have it.

Line 42: no comma before "for".

review: Needs Fixing
578. By Hrvoje Matijakovic

-Percona-Server-5.1.71-14.9 release notes

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Laurynas Biveinis (laurynas-biveinis) :
review: Approve
579. By Hrvoje Matijakovic

- merge with trunk to resolve the conflicts

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1=== modified file 'doc/source/'
2--- doc/source/ 2013-08-22 09:43:12 +0000
3+++ doc/source/ 2013-08-27 06:55:35 +0000
4@@ -52,9 +52,9 @@
5 # built documents.
6 #
7 # The short X.Y version.
8-version = '5.1.70'
9+version = '5.1.71'
10 # The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
11-release = '5.1.70-14.8'
12+release = '5.1.71-14.9'
14 # The language for content autogenerated by Sphinx. Refer to documentation
15 # for a list of supported languages.
16@@ -268,5 +268,5 @@
17 intersphinx_mapping = {
18 'ps55' : ('', None),
19 'xtrabackup' : ('', None),
20- 'ptoolkit' : ('', None)
21+ 'ptoolkit' : ('', None)
22 }
24=== added file 'doc/source/release-notes/Percona-Server-5.1.71-14.9.rst'
25--- doc/source/release-notes/Percona-Server-5.1.71-14.9.rst 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
26+++ doc/source/release-notes/Percona-Server-5.1.71-14.9.rst 2013-08-27 06:55:35 +0000
27@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
28+.. rn:: 5.1.71-14.9
31+ |Percona Server| 5.1.71-14.9
34+Percona is glad to announce the release of |Percona Server| 5.1.71-14.9 on August 27th, 2013 (Downloads are available from `Percona Server 5.1.71-14.9 downloads <>`_ and from the `Percona Software Repositories <>`_).
36+Based on `MySQL 5.1.71 <>`_, this release will include all the bug fixes in it. All of |Percona|'s software is open-source and free, all the details of the release can be found in the `5.1.71-14.9 milestone at Launchpad <>`_.
38+Bugs Fixed
41+ The buffer pool mutex split patch implemented in |Percona Server| could cause a race condition, involving a dirty compressed page block for which there is an uncompressed page image in the buffer pool, that could lead to a server crash. Bug fixed :bug:`1086680`.
43+ The buffer pool mutex split patch implemented in |Percona Server| could cause server crash with an assertion error on read-write workloads with compressed tables in debug builds. Bug fixed :bug:`1103850`.
45+ If binary log was enabled, :ref:`Fake Changes <innodb_fake_changes_page>` transactions were binlogged. This could lead to data corruption issues with deeper replication topologies. Bug fixed :bug:`1190580`.
47+ Changes made to the ``RPM`` scripts for previous |Percona Server| version caused installer to fail if there were different :term:`datadir` options in multiple configuration files. Bug fixed :bug:`1201036`.
49+ |Percona Server| used to acquire the buffer pool ``LRU`` list mutex in the I/O completion routine for the compressed page flush list flushes where it was not necessary. Bug fixed :bug:`1181269`.
51+Other bug fixes: bug fixed :bug:`1188162` and bug fixed :bug:`1203308`.
53=== modified file 'doc/source/release-notes/release-notes_index.rst'
54--- doc/source/release-notes/release-notes_index.rst 2013-07-03 09:41:09 +0000
55+++ doc/source/release-notes/release-notes_index.rst 2013-08-27 06:55:35 +0000
56@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
57 :maxdepth: 1
58 :glob:
60+ Percona-Server-5.1.71-14.9
61 Percona-Server-5.1.70-14.8
62 Percona-Server-5.1.69-14.7
63 Percona-Server-5.1.68-14.6


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