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The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

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Recent revisions

508. By Yuriy Shestakov

Added debian/gbp.conf, modified debian/changelog to match new maintainer name ;)

507. By Ubuntu <email address hidden>

Added debian/ folder into the repo

506. By Chris Dunlap

merge patch for unixsock exponential timeout

Merge the patch from Dmitry Monakhov <email address hidden> for
changing the unixsock console reconnects to use an exponential timeout
in the range of 1-60 seconds.

This allows for quicker reconnects to VM instances over a unix domain
socket, thereby allowing more boot messages to be captured during a
VM's reboot.

505. By Chris Dunlap

call setup_nofile_limit() after logfile pivot

Move the setup_nofile_limit() call such that it happens after log
messages are redirected to syslog or the daemon logfile. This allows
the nofile limit log message to be recorded.

504. By Chris Dunlap

add server "nofile" config directive

Add the server "nofile" directive to conman.conf in order to specify
the maximum number of open files for the daemon. If set to 0, use
the current (soft) limit. If set to -1, use the maximum (hard) limit.
The default is 0.

Fixes issue 17.

503. By Chris Dunlap

update copyright date range

502. By Mark Salyzyn <email address hidden>

allow for strftime() %Z timezone to be >4 chars

In create_long_time_string(), the strftime() buffer reserves 4 bytes
for the %Z timezone abbreviation. This limit is insufficient for some
locales (eg, "GMT-1"). The zoneinfo database shows some as long as
8 characters.

This increases the strftime() buffer to 32 bytes which reserves 11
bytes for the %Z timezone.

Fixes issue 16.

501. By Wendy Palm <email address hidden>

add Default-Start & Default-Stop to LSB header

Add an empty Default-Start and Default-Stop line to the LSB Header
in order to prevent chkconfig from complaining:

  insserv: script conman is broken: incomplete LSB comment.
  insserv: missing `Default-Start:' entry: please add even if empty.

In regards to these missing LSB Header entries, both the Fedora and
openSUSE packaging guides state:


  Only services which are really required for a vital system should
  define runlevels here. If the service does not start by default in
  any runlevel, this line should be omitted.

But omitting these lines causes chkconfig on openSUSE to complain.
Adding lines for Default-Start and Default-Stop silences these

Both of these entries are empty (ie, no runlevels are specified)
since ConMan is not started by default in any runlevel. This behavior
matches the chkconfig line as required.

While the missing entries did not cause problems on Fedora or Red Hat,
adding empty entries did not create any problems.

Tested on:
- Fedora 17
- openSUSE 12.2
- RHEL 6, 5

Fixes issue 14.

500. By Chris Dunlap

fix failed openSUSE rpm build dep for tcp_wrappers

Creating RPMs on openSUSE via rpmbuild fails with:

  error: Failed build dependencies:
          tcp_wrappers is needed by conman-0.2.7-1.x86_64

The conman.spec file has the correct build dependency (tcpd-devel):

  %if 0%{?rhel} >= 6 || 0%{?fedora} >= 7
  BuildRequires: tcp_wrappers-devel
  %if 0%{?rhel} < 6 || 0%{?fedora} < 7 || 0%{?rhl}
  BuildRequires: tcp_wrappers
  %if "%{_vendor}" == "suse"
  BuildRequires: tcpd-devel

The problem is with the middle %if condition. On openSUSE, "rhel",
"fedora", and "rhl" are all undefined so the following condition
is evaluated:

  %if 0 < 6 || 0 < 7 || 0

This condition evaluates true, so the "_vendor" tag is never matched.
To fix this, the middle %if condition for tcp_wrappers is replaced
with a "_vendor" test for "redhat".

Tested on:
- Fedora 17 (tcp_wrappers-devel)
- openSUSE 12.2 (tcpd-devel)
- RHEL 5 (tcp_wrappers)
- RHEL 6 (tcp_wrappers-devel)

499. By Mark Pettit <email address hidden>

set max on ipmiconsole_engine_init() num_threads

ipmiconsole_engine_init() returns EINVAL if more than
IPMICONSOLE_THREAD_COUNT_MAX (32) threads are requested.

That limit is exceeded if more than 4096 IPMI SOL consoles are defined:

  num_threads = ((num_consoles - 1) / IPMI_ENGINE_CONSOLES_PER_THREAD) + 1;

As such, set a maximum bound on the number of threads passed to
ipmiconsole_engine_init() in order to ensure this upper limit is
not exceeded.

Fixes issue 15.

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