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77058fc... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-29

Add -armor option to support loading both armor and binary keyring format.

3f84ce5... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-29

More worker test cases.
Add main hockeypuck service cmd. Update loader.
Fix add result template to work with new result status struct.
Relocate templates to openpgp.
Add ReadValidKeys.
Fix Config()/Settings() naming across packages.
Fix openpgp worker queries, logic, column names.

9b73956... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-28

Add more testdata

9161db7... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-28

Implement UpdateKey, reuse insert table statements among inserting
a new key or updating an existing one. Remove unnecessary debug log statements.
Designate immutability of fields in packet records.

8580b91... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-28

Mark packet record columns as immutable or mutable.

7f99915... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-28

Execute insert statements in a single transaction.
Add db field ignore tags.
Using nullable fields in packet record structs.
Set UserId and UserAttribute creation and expiration from self-signature times.

b8dc0b1... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-27

Insert signature-to-signable relations.
Use ascii85 for internal sha256 digests and random uuids.

50e8dd0... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-27

Migrated hkp request parsing tests.
Started InsertKey implementation, live database testing setup.
Add SetConfig() function to allow setting TOML config as a string.
Added round-trip insert/lookup test.

ee7c90b... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-27

Completed validation removal of bad packets.
Worked out compile issues, got a good build.
Migrate/add unit tests on hkp request, openpgp packet parsing.

451c60f... by Casey Marshall on 2013-07-26

Migrated responses to improved packet record visitor. More worker fixes.