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3bd2938... by Haw Loeung

Use 'http-check send hdr' instead of adding headers at end of httpchk version

This fixes the warning about it:

| [WARNING] 038/222205 (17722) : parsing [/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg:94]: 'option httpchk' : hiding headers or body at the end of the version string is deprecated. Please, consider to use 'http-check send' directive instead.

9e2a612... by Haw Loeung

Introduce new header X-Cache-Request-IP and log that

This prevents spoofing of X-Forward-For or any additional hops from
being logged.

66c3a16... by Haw Loeung

Exclude from X-Forward-For headers

Newer HAProxy, as seen with upgrade from 2.2.3 to 2.2.9, includes in the X-Forward-For headers. This gets logged by Nginx.

545798c... by Haw Loeung

Fixed shortening text based on review

8daf247... by Haw Loeung

Make it clear this is the charm source version/commit

2808726... by Haw Loeung

Fixed copy pasta cruft

3927679... by Haw Loeung

Simplify, not a bzr charm and never will be

03b4469... by Haw Loeung

Add showing charm revno/commit in juju status output

26a477f... by Thomas Cuthbert

Telegraf expects 'listener-address' rel key name

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~tcuthbert/content-cache-charm/+git/content-cache-charm/+merge/397212
Reviewed-by: Haw Loeung <email address hidden>

50a9262... by Thomas Cuthbert

Telegraf expects 'listener-address' rel key name