Code review comment for lp:~hirt/ocb-addons/6.1_base_contact_finalize

Etienne Hirt (hirt) wrote :

Dear Pedro,

Thanks for your offer to check it.

Somehow the redesign of the base_contact module for 6.1 was never
finished as it was abandoned by openerp. I prepared the fixes some time
ago to have the function available at Art of Technology. This
functionality is also the main reason for us not considering Version 7

The effort now is to have others being able to profit from it, too and
also to profit from the community.

Best Regards


On 05.11.2013 17:09, Pedro Manuel Baeza wrote:
> Hi, Etienne, thank you for making again the MP properly. I will check it, but it's a huge diff for only a bugfix. I'm not sure if this is going to fit into OCB project and goals.
> Let's see what others reviewers say.
> Regards.

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