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2dd5ddf... by Nadzeya H <email address hidden>

Fix v1 API key authorization header (#119)

947da24... by Nadzeya Hut <email address hidden>

Add API docs info on /me page (#118)

78c9521... by Omar Abou Selo

Integrate celery into k8s charm via redis (#116)

a118d4f... by Nadzeya Hut <email address hidden>

A script for exporting publicly available stress test results for certified systems (#117)

* A script for exporting publicly available stress test results for certified systems

* Fix doc-strings

* Use <target dir>/<cid>/<datetime>/[files] structure

1a66472... by Omar Abou Selo

Static files charm (#115)

* Add oci to serve static files

* Pass dummy secret key if none is given to run collectstatic

* Separate hexr and hexr-static GH publish actions

* Remove hexr OCI image building for non main branch

* Create charm to serve static files

* Stop building OCI image for branch

* Remove hexr static charm to merge with hexr charm

* Serve static files from hexr charm

* Pass original request host and port to django

* Fix some static files not loading correctly

* Update GH action to publish static OCI image too

* Fix image name

* Don't publish hexr on dev branch anymore

* Update hexr-static layer on config change for port

d593223... by Jonathan Cave

Update README.md (#113)

Some details needed for db import

7cc5d87... by Omar Abou Selo

K8s charm (#112)

* Publish the HEXR Docker image

* Fetch submodules as part of checking out

* Adds some initial work on the charm

* add config and gunicorn

* Default branch name has been changed

* Move Dockerfile to Dockerfile.development

* Initial production Dockerfile

* Fix syntax

* Fix main master mixup

* Small changes and fixes to charm

* Remove unused pyproject.toml

* Check gunicorn configurations

* Add postgres relation to charm

* Bug fix on database relation broken in charm

* small fix

* Charm bugfix

* Charm bug fix

* Charm bug fix

* Charm bugfix

* Fix charm configuration

* Charm fixes

* Simplify charm to focus on django

* Improve docker image

* Publish charm

* Add basic terraform configuration

* Remove unnecessary incorrect GH action name

* Fix terraform bug

* Add db migration

* Try to avoid local_settings being copied over

* Revert as it didn't matter issue was elsewhere

* Fix database migration

* Remove branch from publish hexr GH action

* Add readme on how to deploy using terraform

* Add instructions to allow microk8s to pull from private ghcr

* Upgrade postgresql to 14 on docker-compose env

* Avoid migrating db on connection to allow importing db dump

* add cleanup instructions


Co-authored-by: Matias Piipari <email address hidden>
Co-authored-by: Sheila Miguez <email address hidden>
Co-authored-by: Jonathan Cave <email address hidden>

a2535d1... by Nadzeya Hut <email address hidden>

Advanced search filter option for enablement status (#111)

* Rename fields in PhysicalMachineView SQL view

* Fix inheritance

* Add enablement status column to the advanced search UI

* Update the help text

* Handle multiple spaces in value

* Remove comments

* Use shlex.split in advanced_search helpers

* Add tests for get_query_params

* Use staticmethod instead of classmethod

* Fix style issues

* Update the help text

6038cd0... by Nadzeya Hut <email address hidden>

Clean JSONB field from old submissions (#110)

a47d55e... by Nadzeya Hut <email address hidden>

OpenAPI Schema for v2 API (#109)

* Add OpenAPI schema

* Add HTML version of OpenAPI schema

* Update HTML template

* Fix title and description

* Remove searchoptions urls. Add advanced search query params

* Add .env to gitignore

* Fix typo in requirements

* Fix types

* Remove unused view

* Fix style issues and remove unnecessary tests