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64de46f... by Sheila Miguez

Fix logout (#85)

Fixes: #84

cf0c57c... by Nadzeya Hry <email address hidden>

Physicalmachine apiv2 (#82)

* Add HardwareModel and hardware_model_view

* Add migrations

* Add hardwaremodels API endpoint

* Return hardware with no certificates. Rename the endpoint

* Add tests for physicalmachinesview endpoint

* Return only hardware a user has access to

099e320... by Nadzeya Hry <email address hidden>

Set descending order for canonical_id (#81)

c83c86d... by Nadzeya Hry <email address hidden>

Make the modifications to submission service to populate them model on new submissions (#72)

* Populate checkbox_report when submission is sent

* Store only specific keys

* Remove converter from list to dict

* Store only specific keys

* Catch exceptions

4bd17dd... by Nadzeya Hry <email address hidden>

Add searchoptions endpoint for machinereports and certifiedmodels (#79)

* Add searchoptions/ endpoint for machinereports and certifiedmodels

* Update searchoptions for certifiedmodels

* Add tests for searchoptions

807e398... by Nadzeya Hry <email address hidden>

API for getting dump of all the CPU types across all certified devices (#74)

* Create API endpoint to respond with all certified CPUs

Use Certificates instead of PhysicalMachine. Add generation field

Add tests for cpuinfo endpoint

* Remove duplicate filter from filters.py

* Filter expired certificates

f4e18c1... by Sheila Miguez

Merge pull request #77 from canonical/fix-django-queryinspect-root-setting


28a7916... by Sheila Miguez


Fixes #76

We can't use an environment variable that is not defined
for the gunicorn service

Instead, we use a path derived from __file__

e8e469a... by Nadzeya Hut <email address hidden>

Implementation of the extended search API (#71)

* Add filtering by memory size

* Add more filters and modify response

* Use api/v2/ endpoint instead of restapi/

* Add tests for RESTAPI (memory, cpu and gpu filters)

* Add more tests for api/v2/machinereport/ endpoint

* Remove unnecessary comments

* Update requirements

* Update requirements

* Create filter for extended search

* Add view to test setup

* Add authorization to machinereport API endpoint

* Replace the year in the license

* Ignore files in restapi folder since Codecov works wrong there

* Create v2 public API certifiedmodels endpoint (#73)

* Add filtering by memory size

* Add certifiedmodels v2 API endpoint (without additional filtering)

* Implement existent filters

* Apply Extended Search filter to certifiedmodels v2 endpoint

* Add resource_uri field to the response body

* Add icontains filter

* Add vendor_q and query_q filters

* Add tests

* Add iexact filtering support

* Add filtering by device name and vendor with icontains

* Add tests for filtering by device name

* Check if canonical_id field exists in queryset model

* Add comment to explain why we filter MachineReports

* Fix typo in tests

* Add more explanation to ExtendedSearchFilter. Fix formatting

66507ab... by Nadzeya Hut <email address hidden>

Export Django monitoring metrics for Prometheus (#67)

* Add basic prometheus support

* Add django-queryinspect support for logging and metrics

* Use queryinspect in non-debug mode. Fix style in settings

* Fix URL in prometheus.yml

* Remove prebuilt requirements

* Fix year

* Increase abs limit to 300 ms

* Do not log duplicated queries

* Do not log stats