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fd6119c... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-09-26

Show DKMS information for submissions

fbefc12... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-09-25

Merge #331273 from ~codersquid/hexr:submissions-api-url

Include /api/v1/submissions url as an available path

1fa28e8... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-09-25

Support new submissions api used by checkbox-ng

When I added the new submission endpoint here, I also updated
checkbox-ng with the url. Embarassingly, the endpoint I added
to checkbox-ng submits to submissions, not submission.

This change supports either endpoint.

f172719... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-09-19

Merge #330993 from ~codersquid/hexr:submission-default-container

Default to SWIFT_CONTAINER_NAME for submission files

8233a4a... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-09-19

Default to SWIFT_CONTAINER_NAME for submission files

619e06b... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-09-18

Merge #330931 from ~codersquid/hexr:submission-experiment

Include status_url in submission response

f7aae80... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-09-18

return status_url in submission response

bfc5743... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-09-15

Merge #330855 from ~codersquid/hexr:submission-experiment

Add experimental pure c3 version of json submission service

f54f780... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-09-15

Provide experimental api for pure c3 handling of json submissions

868150b... by PMR <pmr@pmr-lander> on 2017-09-08

Merge #330445 from ~bladernr/hexr:1715913-soc-kernel-version