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029c001... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-10-26

use the same wsgi application in development AND production

6084e22... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-10-26

Make settings work nicer with charm

d646d25... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-10-25

Update sphinx documentation

1683d69... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-10-23

Update dependencies and Make targets

cf70917... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-10-11

Use environment variables for settings, update defaults

* Change settings defaults and also allow use of env variables
* allow for separate log settings files
* add log settings examples

f5b2eef... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-10-06

Use static file with revision information instead of bzrviews

REVISION files will be populated at build time.

We can no remove the bzrviews dependency.

This will allow us to deploy without needing bzr or git

b8d72bc... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-10-02

Display kernel version used during certification lp:1718970

Servers with more than one kernel installed should display
the version of the kernel that was used during certification, not
the version that happens to be the most recently installed package.

99e1f99... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-09-26

Show DKMS information for submissions

86ba918... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-09-27

Update cert_api app in line with tastypie and django upgrades and etc

Between tastypie 0.11 and 0.13.2 where users now need to use
change_<model> to be able to GET resources. Before, users only needed to
have API keys and have memberships in appropriate groups.

For django, distinct and select_related had some differences, and I've
updated resources accordingly.

The cert_api tasks api has been deprecated and removed.

e15ff64... by Sheila Miguez on 2017-09-27

fix migrations to django-contrib-comments