Merge hexr:production-debug-1867836 into hexr:master

Proposed by Sheila Miguez
Status: Merged
Approved by: Sheila Miguez
Approved revision: 9f2bde5f71d3aa0419a4ca73ba7a69ed096785a9
Merged at revision: b28b391ba6b882268a642960d8dfcc1c334d7d73
Proposed branch: hexr:production-debug-1867836
Merge into: hexr:master
Diff against target: 35 lines (+0/-4)
2 files modified
apps/uploads/ (+0/-2)
certification/cert_api/ (+0/-2)
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HEXR Developers Pending
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Commit message

Remove debug loglines

This removes loglines that were added while
investigating LP: #1867836

Description of the change

see commit

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Sheila Miguez (codersquid) wrote :

Self approve so that I can deplooy this asap

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1diff --git a/apps/uploads/ b/apps/uploads/
2index f4eac87..4bb76a1 100644
3--- a/apps/uploads/
4+++ b/apps/uploads/
5@@ -57,10 +57,8 @@ def create_submission_report_task(submission_id,
6 raise Exception(msg)
8 # Now that a report is created, save the service id from the submission
9- logger.error("DEBUG submission_id for hardware %s before save %s" % (hardware.canonical_id, submission_id))
10 report.submission_id = submission_id
12- logger.error("DEBUG submission_id for hardware %s after save %s" % (hardware.canonical_id, submission_id))
14 # Denormalize the report
15 try:
16diff --git a/certification/cert_api/ b/certification/cert_api/
17index 4fe474c..4966095 100644
18--- a/certification/cert_api/
19+++ b/certification/cert_api/
20@@ -1083,7 +1083,6 @@ class SubmitRequestResource(Resource):
21 # submission_id once came from our submission service, we can use a uuid
22 submission_id = uuid()
23 archive_path = "submission/%s/submission.tar.xz" % submission_id
24- log.error("DEBUG submission_id %s archive_path %s" % (submission_id, archive_path))
25 # upload submission to swift even before we process them so that we
26 # can download failed submissions when trying to help checkbox users
27 # triage problems
28@@ -1117,7 +1116,6 @@ class SubmitRequestResource(Resource):
29 # in case we need to reparse a submission later. (we might want to
30 # go the route of legacy submissions and store it in a TextField)
31 json_path = "submission/%s/submission.json" % submission_id
32- log.error("DEBUG submission_id %s json_path %s" % (submission_id, archive_path))
33 try:
34 # to be honest I think we should just store this in the db
35 # but this immitates the go service behavior for now


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