Merge lp:~heber013/ubuntu-server-iso-testing/fixing-url-format into lp:ubuntu-server-iso-testing

Proposed by Heber Parrucci
Status: Merged
Approved by: Joshua Powers
Approved revision: 273
Merged at revision: 273
Proposed branch: lp:~heber013/ubuntu-server-iso-testing/fixing-url-format
Merge into: lp:ubuntu-server-iso-testing
Diff against target: 18 lines (+3/-3)
1 file modified (+3/-3)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~heber013/ubuntu-server-iso-testing/fixing-url-format
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Joshua Powers (community) Approve
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Commit message

Fixing the URL format from {base_url}/{release}/{flavor} to {base_url}/{flavor}/{release}

Description of the change

When you specify a flavor other than ubuntu, for example kubuntu, ubuntu-mate, etc. The URL is not found when checking the sha256 due to an invalid format.
I changed it from:

{base_url}/{release}/{flavor} to {base_url}/{flavor}/{release}/

To test it, you can run for example:

python2 -m download-latest-test-iso -r bionic -v desktop -a amd64 -b pending -i ~/isos -f ubuntu-mate

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Revision history for this message
Joshua Powers (powersj) wrote :

LGTM appears to only touch desktop and the ubuntu case is covered with a default; so +1 I'll merge shortly

review: Approve

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1=== modified file ''
2--- 2018-11-01 19:27:41 +0000
3+++ 2018-11-02 19:19:51 +0000
4@@ -155,11 +155,11 @@
5 if options.flavor == 'ubuntu':
6 flavor_part = ''
7 if options.variant == 'desktop':
8- l_url = os.path.join(options.base_url, release_part, flavor_part, 'daily-live')
9+ l_url = os.path.join(options.base_url, flavor_part, release_part, 'daily-live')
10 elif options.variant == 'alternate':
11- l_url = os.path.join(options.base_url, release_part, flavor_part, 'daily')
12+ l_url = os.path.join(options.base_url, flavor_part, release_part, 'daily')
13 elif options.variant == 'dvd':
14- l_url = os.path.join(options.base_url, release_part, flavor_part, 'dvd')
15+ l_url = os.path.join(options.base_url, flavor_part, release_part, 'dvd')
16 elif options.variant == 'live-server':
17 l_url = os.path.join(options.base_url, 'ubuntu-server',release_part,
18 'daily-live')


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