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191. By Hervé <herve@xiong> on 2008-02-02

fixing bug #186963: save images in $HOME or where you last chosed.

190. By encompass on 2008-02-01

Rearranged a few things in the gui to experiment.
Customized each tool tip to tell exactly what is going on.
Sligh code cleanup.

189. By encompass on 2008-01-31

More Code cleanup.
Handles Logic better in the save as area. Now it should be a little quicker and use less code.

188. By encompass on 2008-01-30

Code cleanup:
Removed unused variables from the program and use direct called when I could
updated the DIA accordingly

187. By encompass on 2008-01-29

Updates to the memakerCalls.dia
FIXED: when you select a file location to save and have the name with the extension if doesn't add one... but if it does not have an extension it added the proper one. Little dirty, but I think it works.

186. By encompass on 2008-01-28

Code cleanup.
Amazing what you learn when you start to document your code.
Updated docs... hence the code cleanup.

185. By encompass on 2008-01-27

Finalized the changed for the undo button. Now is even shows an image of your old avatar is the pynotify screen, just to let the user know what was going back.

184. By encompass on 2008-01-27

updated the memakerCals.dia file with more information for developers.
Little More code cleanup.
Feature Complete: Able to get the undo button to work from the pynotify screen. Thanks rugby for your help!

183. By encompass on 2008-01-27

Code Cleanup... svgHandle does not need to be available outside of each definition. Removed all "self" from svgHandle

182. By encompass on 2008-01-27

added the memakerCall.dia documentation.
More code cleanup... Removed some unused/unneeded variables.

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