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Michael Terry (mterry) wrote :

Looks great! Thanks!

> Maybe still can be fixed somehow? The files in that folders seem to be identical.

A) Can't guarantee that there will never be differences in gtk2/gtk3 versions, though seems more on the 0.1% chance side.

B) We need both libdbusmenu-gtk3-dev and libdbusmenu-gtk-dev to ship the headers so that a package can depend on either one and not get both. So we have to ship two copies of them anyway (or split the headers into some -dev-common package).

C) The normal way of dealing with it is like so:

#include <libdbusmenu-gtk/header.h>
And have the .pc file specify which directory to -I

But with libdbusmenu, it sticks libdbusmenu-glib in the same directory with libdbusmenu-gtk, so we either had to duplicate the -glib headers or stick gtk3 headers in the same directory too. I went with the latter, but I'm not convinced it was optimal. :)

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