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Martin Packman (gz) wrote :

> I think that the existing behaviour makes sense, and the proposed changes just
> cause users to do more typing.

I agree, the extra typing is bad.

My aim with this group of branches is to actually not change what you have to type. This branch makes it harder to just discard conflicts, in others I want to make detection of resolved conflicts actually work for more cases. So, in the end you'll still be doing some action to resolve a conflict, then `bzr resolve FILE`.. or just `bzr resolve`.

> Why have you removed documentation of --all at 19?

Should have left that for another branch really but, in short, `bzr resolve --all` is functionally equivalent to `bzr resolve --done`, which is a more dangerous operation than we want to recommend in the help text.

People should be using `bzr resolve` followed by `bzr resolve --done FILE` if the auto resolution fails for something in particular. Generalising to the no-arg form for all files is easy to understand from there for when it's actually useful.

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