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b9b46ff... by Gunnar Hjalmarsson

Add fonts-noto-core and fonts-noto-ui-core to supported

This makes it easier to use high quality fonts for quite a few
languages. The direct reason for this commit is a change in
language-selector 0.206 with respect to Arabic, so it includes
the removal of fonts-arabeyes and fonts-kacst.

4ee6441... by Andreas Hasenack

Add motd-news-config to ubuntu-server metapackage (LP: #1888575)

0cfb209... by Steve Langasek

don't seed partman-iscsi in ship, either

f828eff... by Steve Langasek

don't seed live-installer, partman-iscsi due to d-i deprecation

de22895... by Steve Langasek

Revert "Drop obsolete Alternate Desktop and Legacy Server ship seeds."

This causes a large number of demotions. The Desktop and Server teams
should be consulted first about whether these packages should be moved to
'supported' seeds since the ship seeds are no longer relevant.

This reverts commit d1187b5a988b0c5214d22a58e9648cfba5d67c1a.

d1187b5... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Drop obsolete Alternate Desktop and Legacy Server ship seeds.

ship & server-ship where only used by alternatne & server isos that
are no longer produced.

we only produce live installer media, which use ship-live &
server-ship-live seeds for the pool.

f4eb42d... by Steve Langasek

Don't seed bootstrap-base, due to d-i deprecation

4e411f7... by Steve Langasek

don't seed open-iscsi-udeb anymore, due to d-i deprecation

7601944... by Dimitri John Ledkov

server-ship-live: add openvswitch-switch to the pool

Autoinstall network.yaml may specify openvswitch bridges, in that case
curtin will need ability to install openvswitch package.

736500f... by Matthias Klose

exclude libstdc++-9-doc package