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This branch is an import of the Subversion branch from svn://anonscm.debian.org/svn/pkg-voip/asterisk/branches/experimental/debian.

The import has been suspended because it failed 5 or more times in succession.

Last successful import was on 2013-11-10.

Import started on 2013-11-14 on pear and finished on 2013-11-14 taking 15 seconds — see the log
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Import started on 2013-11-11 on pear and finished on 2013-11-11 taking 15 seconds — see the log

Recent revisions

794. By msp on 2013-09-29


793. By msp on 2013-09-29

Resurrect patches/{bzero,pjproject}

792. By msp on 2013-09-29

* Rewrtote sip.conf parts of AST-2012-014: dropped patches
  fix-sip-tcp-no-FILE and fix-sip-tls-leak.
* Reverting other changes rejected by the release team: README.Debian,
  powerpcspe and fix_xmpp_19532 dropped (#545272 and #701505 reopened).
* Patches backported from Asterisk (Closes: #697230):
  - Patch AST-2012-014 (CVE-2012-5976) - fixes Crashes due to large stack
    allocations when using TCP.
    The following two fixes were also pulled in order to easily apply it:
    - Patch fix-sip-tcp-no-FILE - Switch to reading with a recv loop
    - Patch fix-sip-tls-leak - Memory leak in the SIP TLS code
  - Patch AST-2012-015 (CVE-2012-5977) - Denial of Service Through
    Exploitation of Device State Caching
* Patch powerpcspe: Fix OSARCH for powerpcspe (Closes: #701505).
* README.Debian: document running the testsuite.
* Patch fix_xmpp_19532: fix a crash of the XMPP code (Closes: #545272).
* Patches backported from Asterisk (Closes: #704114):
  - Patch AST-2013-002 (CVE-2013-2686): Prevent DoS in HTTP server with
    a large POST.
  - Patch AST-2013-003 (CVE-2013-2264): Prevent username disclosure in
    SIP channel driver.
* Patch bluetooth_bind - fix breakage of chan_mobile (Closes: #614786).
* New upstream release (Closes: #680470):
  - Fixes AST-2012-010 (CVE-2012-3863).
  - Fixes AST-2012-011 (CVE-2012-38612).
* Patch AST-2012-012 (CVE-2012-2186): AMI User Shell Access with ExternalIVR
* Patch AST-2012-012 (CVE-2012-4737): ACL rules ignored during calls
  by some IAX2 peers.
    (Closes: #675210).

791. By msp on 2013-09-28

Refresh debian/patches for asterisk/11.5.1

790. By msp on 2013-06-16

* New upstream release
  - Fixes "bump version to 11 (LTS release)" (Closes: #710710)
  - Fixes "stable version will be unsupported by release date" (Closes: #700596)
  - Fixes "Asterisk dnsmgr fails to initialize sin_family to AF_INET on
  peer IP address change" (Closes: #688102)
  - Fixes "segfault when connecting to jabber server (security)" (Closes: #708674)
  - Fixes "Segfault when starting asterisk 1:"
  (Closes: #704546)
  - Fixes "random segfaults" (Closes: #498399)
  - Fixes "please change Provides: asterisk-1.8 to Provides: asterisk-
  ${source:Upstream-Version}" (Closes: #694805)
  - Fixes "can not initialize bluetooth device" (Closes: #704540)
  - Fixes "100% CPU usage spikes" (Closes: #471460)
* Update debian/watch for 11.x series

789. By tzafrir on 2013-04-19

debian/rules: switch to dh.

788. By tzafrir on 2013-04-19

pjproject is now optional - backport from trunk

* Patch pjproject: make pjproject optional.
* Patch bzero: Simplify applying the above, and fix an interface
  stupidity inflicted by pjproject.
* get-orig-source: remove res/pjproject from the source tarball.

787. By tzafrir on 2013-02-17

Convert rules to dh.

Convert rules to dh:
* Patch astdatadir: set datadir in /usr/share/asterisk instead of
  using an environment variable.
* Removed some unneeded craft (such as -XREADME.Cygwin).

786. By tzafrir on 2013-01-30


785. By tzafrir on 2013-01-30

Start working on a dep5 copyright file

(needs trimming)

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