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a00060b... by Alexandru Csete

Merge branch 'Hamlib_VFO' of into hamlibvfo

1b6eb50... by Alexandru Csete

Add command line option to start gpredict in fullscreen mode

b74d9bd... by KaComet <email address hidden>

Because gtk_rot_ctrl_destroy can be called more than once, ctrl->timerid must be set to zero after deletion to avoid a double free condition.

dfb7b02... by KaComet <email address hidden>

Closing the rotor control window while a rotor is engaged no longer crashes Gpredict.

477f338... by Mikhail Bychek <email address hidden>

Use gtk_spin_button_update() in gtk-sat-module-tmg.c:calculate_time() to prevent entered time from being reverted in some cases.

6345586... by Alexandru Csete

Update authors

f4ddb67... by Nicholas DeCicco <email address hidden>

Add internationalization to gtk-freq-knob decimal separator

Previously, the thousands place separator for gtk-freq-knob was
hard-coded as the decimal point (".").

Make the following changes:
- Add a new method, get_locale_thousands_sep(), to compat.{c,h}.
- Use this new method in gtk-freq-knob.c to determine the correct
  thousands separator to use at runtime.

b553acf... by "Satoshi Yasuda, 7m3tjz" <email address hidden>

for libgps 3.22 - 3.25

533cbce... by "Satoshi Yasuda, 7m3tjz" <email address hidden>

for libgps 3.22

d86ffc1... by Daniel Estévez

Fix orbit number calculations.

This solves two problems with the orbit number calculations:

- When age = 0, the orbit number must match the TLE revnum. However,
  the expression inside the floor(..) can be give a non-zero value.
  We need to subtract the result of the floor(..) with age = 0 to
  account for this.

- In gtk-sat-data.c, the sign of the term involving the argument of
  perigee and mean anomaly at epoch is wrong. The term should have
  a positive sign, since it counts as an increasing fraction of a
  revolution measured from the ascending node.