Code review comment for lp:~gordallott/unity/hud

Mirco Müller (macslow) wrote :

Is the HUD really meant to use the exact same button-visuals from the dash? Does Design demand that?

Should the HUD-searchbar not be of the same width as the Dash-searchbar (in non-fullscreen state at least)?

Please get into the habbit of using const int/float in an unnamed namespace instead of "magic" numbers for padding/margins/sizes... you don't use that consistently across this branch... check:

+ layout_->AddLayout(new nux::SpaceLayout(8,8,8,8), 0);
+ icon_layout->SetVerticalExternalMargin(12);
+ search_bar_ = new unity::SearchBar(940, true);
+ button_views_->SetHorizontalExternalMargin(12);
+ button_views_->SetMaximumWidth(940);
+ hud_controller_->launcher_width = optionGetIconSize() + 18;

review: Needs Fixing

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