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e8bd43f... by =?utf-8?b?QmFsw6F6cyDDmnI=?= <email address hidden>

Initial Hungarian translation

ac3bfa1... by Andika Triwidada

Updated Indonesian translation

60391da... by Christian Kirbach

Update German translation

6df6ac3... by Mario Wenzel <email address hidden>

Prepare 3.16.2

2183da5... by Michael Catanzaro

Revert to the old Docbook help

The Mallard help is not distributable and we've run out of time to
relicense prior to 3.18.


83ee7f7... by Pedro Albuquerque

Updated Portuguese translation

ceb6c39... by =?utf-8?b?RXJpayBTa8O2bGTDpXM=?= <email address hidden>

Added swedish translation for help files

2327510... by Michael Catanzaro

Prepare 3.16.1

8e4ad51... by jimmac

icon: provide a symbolic variant of the app icon

Since 3.16 the high contrast accessible theme is
covered by the recolorable symbolic variant of the app icon.

The symbolic size has been introduced to hicolor to cope with
the nominal size of 16x16 rather than the backward compatible


396a0be... by Mario Wenzel <email address hidden>

Prepare 3.16.0