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29. By Robert Ancell on 2011-04-10

releasing version 3.0.0-0ubuntu1~build1

28. By Rico Tzschichholz on 2011-03-25

* New upstream release
* debian/patches:
  + drop 02_gcc45_linking.patch, is upstream
* debian/control.in:
  + update libgtk-3-* dependencies
  + bump internal libgweather-common dep
  + bump build-dep on gobject-introspection
  + depend on gir1.2-gtk-3.0

27. By Robert Ancell on 2011-01-06

* debian/control:
  - Update Vcs-Bzr link
  - Rename gir1.0 package to gir1.2

26. By Robert Ancell on 2010-12-03

* debian/control:
  - Build-depend on libgirepository1.0-dev

25. By Robert Ancell on 2010-12-02

* New upstream release
* debian/control:
  - Bump build-depends on libgtk3.0-dev, libgtk3.0-doc
  - Drop build-depends on python-support, python-all-dev, python-gobject-dev,
  - Add build-depends on gobject-introspection
  - Update Vcs-Bzr link
  - Rename packages libgweather1 -> libgweather-3-0
  - Drop python-gweather package
  - Add gir1.0-gweather-3.0 package
* debian/gir1.0-gweather-3.0.install:
  - Install typelib
* debian/pycompat:
  - Drop, no longer build Python package
* debian/rules:
  - Drop DEB_PYTHON_SYSTEM, python-autotools.mk, --enable-python, no
    longer have Python package

24. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-30

releasing version 2.30.3-1ubuntu1

23. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-30

debian/rules: Pass $(DEB_CONFIGURE_SCRIPT_ENV) as configure option, not
just as environment, since otherwise configure does not properly pick up
the PYTHON= variable and always builds with the default Python. Fixes
building of the python2.7 module.

22. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-30

Add 02_gcc45_linking.patch: Fix building with gcc-4.5.

21. By Martin Pitt on 2010-11-30

merge with Debian 2.30.3-1

20. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2010-09-27

releasing version 2.30.3-0ubuntu1

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