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bbf1e7c... by Robert Ancell on 2016-11-07

Download changelog information on demand - this stops the UI blocking on startup

ceb41c9... by Robert Ancell on 2016-03-28

Hide licence, updated and category fields if they aren't set

a0a4f3d... by Iain Lane on 2017-01-25

gs-update-monitor: Hide "Software Updates Available" notification under Unity

This environment already has `update-manager' as the established way for
users to receive updates, for now.

7dabb18... by William Hua on 2016-11-07

Don't use notification actions under Unity

aa5ac00... by Iain Lane on 2017-01-23

Construct the "Software Sources" menu item dynamically

If we have software-properties-gtk, we'll launch that. In that case,
call the menu item "Software & Updates", since that more accurately
reflects what it does.

50a2068... by Daniel Mustieles on 2017-01-24

Update Spanish translation

8bf4fe4... by Dusan Kazik on 2017-01-22

Update Slovak translation

c5df196... by Jordi Mas on 2017-01-22

Update Catalan translation

6134ac9... by Mandy Wang <email address hidden> on 2017-01-21

update zh_CN translation

f57cf59... by Richard Hughes on 2017-01-20

Revert "flatpak: Make the runtimes look a bit prettier in the updates list"

This reverts commit e7440063d45c285dace9c5b49f9ac3b0cfd59d8d.