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69f0937... by Kalev Lember <email address hidden> on 2017-12-07

packagekit: Implement repository enabling

This fixes enabling repositories after clicking 'Enable' in the Enable
Proprietary Software Sources notification which up until now was
untested and just errored out.

410332b... by Kukuh Syafaat on 2017-12-06

Update Indonesian translation

165d611... by Richard Hughes on 2017-12-06

shell-extensions: Return an error from _setup() when GNOME Shell is not running

8c739ff... by Iain Lane on 2017-10-23

packagekit: Support apt:// URLs

When we receive an apt:// URL and we're runing a Debian-based distro,
try to resolve it to a package using PK.

391b3a3... by Joaquim Rocha <email address hidden> on 2017-12-05

Fix enabling/disabling software sources

Enabling and disabling the software sources was broken since we started
calling certain actions after the loading state is finished (by using a
wrapper action that is added to the application's map, which calls the
real action from a secondary map). The problem was that the right action
was being disabled/enabled (so the software sources dialog was not
shown), but the wrapper action's wasn't being affected (and this is the
one that is associated with the menu item).

This patch fixes that by enabling or disabling the wrapper action
instead, since this is the one that belongs to the application's map,
and by binding the "notify::enabled" property of the real app with it.

This way, if in the future we have to disable other actions, this
problem will no longer happen.

65e1979... by Richard Hughes on 2017-12-05

Copy files installed from /tmp

When downloading a file with a file that is auto-opened in gnome-software, some
web browsers like Firefox download the file to /tmp rather than ~/Downloads.
This prompts the user to confirm the installation in gnome-software before it is
actually deployed onto the system. If Firefox is then closed it deletes all the
content in /tmp/mozilla, and clicking 'Install' in gnome-software leads to an
error saying the file can no longer be read.

To fix this, copy files in /tmp to the ~/.cache/gnome-software/downloads
directory. We could have used a hardlink into the /tmp/mozilla folder, but if
the directory is deleted or if the mount no longer exists (e.g. for flatpak)
then this isn't going to work.

Given even 'large' RPMs are only a few Mb, copying sees the pragmatic choice.


3379c6d... by Richard Hughes on 2017-12-05

Ignore the 'and later' part of the SPDX ID when working out if it is 'free'


d720b6c... by Dimitrios Christidis <email address hidden> on 2017-11-14

Prefer the launchable tag for the URL of web apps

Beginning with AppStream specification 0.11.7, a launchable tag of type
"url" must be present for web applications and it should be used as the
target location.

This commit adds the available launchables to GsApp and uses the "url"
one during the creation of web applications. If it isn't present, it
falls back to the url tag of type "homepage".

The appstream-glib dependency is bumped to version 0.7.3.
Signed-off-by: Richard Hughes <email address hidden>

8a01c34... by Richard Hughes on 2017-12-05

trivial: Show icons in the updated dialog

Fixes some of

2452ca6... by Richard Hughes on 2017-12-05

Don't require the user to keep clicking 'More reviews' after each click