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997a9ac... by Joaquim Rocha <email address hidden> on 2017-06-30

flatpak: Set the correct origin when installing a flatpakref

When installing a flatpakref, part of the process is to install its
ref file, and the code was assuming that this installation always
results in a new remote (named as app_name-origin). However, if there
is already a remote with the same URI as the one coming from the ref
file, it will not add the new one in order to avoid redudancy.

Since the GsApp representing the one in the flatpakref was being
assigned the "app_name-origin" as its origin, it would fail to install
later because this expected origin may not exist (as explained above).

To fix this, once the ref file is installed, we get the resulting
remote's name (i.e. a new one or the existing one) and override the
app's origin with it, which will allow the installation to succeed.

d9cb2fb... by Joaquim Rocha <email address hidden> on 2017-06-30

Don't try to install a Flatpak source app if it's already installed

ed09e9c... by Joaquim Rocha <email address hidden> on 2017-06-30

flatpak: Ensure the name and status of source apps are correct

Source apps (remotes) created from files are blindly assigned the name
of the files that describe them, and do not take into account whether
their name is being used by an already configured Flatpak remote.

These changes look try to match these source apps with existing remotes
by matching their URI. If the URI of a source app matches a remote's,
the source app takes the name of the remote, if there is no remote with
the same URI as the source app but a remote with the same name does
exist, then we assign a new name to the source app.

efefa58... by Robert Ancell on 2017-07-07

snap: Convert all snapd-glib errors into Gs errors

a8792cb... by Robert Ancell on 2017-07-06

snap: Only show snaps as sandboxed if snapd supports confinmenent

9dc482e... by Richard Hughes on 2017-07-06

trivial: Add old desktop name to the AppData file

c3ffc1b... by James Henstridge on 2017-06-30

snap: update logic to pick which app from the snap to launch.

Previously, the first app reported by snapd would be launched. We now
favour apps with desktop files, and will favour an app whose name
matches the snap name (i.e. the "main" app) over others.

e244eac... by Robert Ancell on 2017-07-06

snap: Use snapd_client_install2_sync now we depend on recent version of snapd-glib

7f1c085... by Robert Ancell on 2017-07-06

snap: Use title field if available

a49e184... by Colin Walters on 2017-07-05

{rpm-,}ostree: Fix misleading comments

There is actually now `rpm-ostree ex livefs`;