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93b5eed... by Richard Hughes on 2016-01-07

Allow filtering the search results by free software

2ad2d6a... by Piotr Drąg on 2016-01-07

Updated Polish translation

4f3cb4a... by Rafal Luzynski <email address hidden> on 2015-12-30

update dialog: Translator comment for the window subtitle

The English string was too ambiguous, it was not obvious that
"%s" is the install date of the update. Thanks for the hints,
afranke and andre.

Signed-off-by: Richard Hughes <email address hidden>

46441fc... by Richard Hughes on 2016-01-06

trivial: Show the firmware warning after any application tags

ddd3bf0... by Richard Hughes on 2016-01-06

Require provenance when refining the updates list

This ensures we don't show all items as non-free when using --mode=updates

b0335af... by Richard Hughes on 2016-01-06

trivial: Never show tags for the offline update meta-application

6e29012... by Richard Hughes on 2016-01-06

Fall back to the fwupd-provided license

In most cases we can use the AppStream-provided version but this is not
available for local .cab files.

38c1891... by Jiri Grönroos on 2016-01-06

Updated Finnish translation

5743839... by Marv-CZ on 2016-01-04

Updated Czech translation

55bbc62... by Akom C. on 2016-01-03

Updated Thai translation.